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General Information about Pistoia

View of Pistoia, Tuscany


A traveller wrote at the end of the 19 century -" Those who don't know Pistoia can't even imagine what artistic treasures are hidden there" and it is exactly this that surprises visitors who wind on foot through its enchanting streets and squares, not only because of its world renowned artistic masterpieces but because of the atmosphere you feel as you lose yourself in its streets.


Although it is not yet as visited as other towns in Tuscany, Pistoia presents a well-preserved and charming medieval city inside the old walls. The large Piazza del Duomo is lined with attractive original buildings, and is the setting (in July) of the Bear Joust (Giostra dell'Orso), when the best horsemen of the districts of the town tilt with lances at a target held up by a dummy shaped like a bear. 

Pistoia can be a real discovery. Its past is reflected in the ancient stones on the roads and in the squares of the centre, in the colour of its architecture, in the wise words of its people and in the strong taste of its food, and visitors can explore a city away from the more crowded itineraries.

It is still possible to find Pistoia’s trade and craft shops or you can sample traditional food in cosy, characteristic surroundings. The city has various cultural events involving visitors with theatre shows, musicals, guided tours, art exhibitions and literary meetings, and there are plenty of events related to the local folklore.

The ancient gardens in the surrounding countryside have been turned into modern nursery centres making Pistoia one of the most famous cities in this field.


You know for sure Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Siena, Volterra, San Gimignano, Pienza (all these places are from 30 minutes to 2 hours far from Pistoia), but other minor places like Monsummano Terme, with its spectacular natural caves and chocolate's festival, Pescia with its renowned flower market and the 18th century Villa Garzoni surrounded by a marvellous garden in Italian style, merit a visit.


Geographically Pistoia is in the middle of the Tuscan province of the same name, is 67 meters above sea level. It is located on a wide plain on the Ombrone River and lies between Monte Albano and the slopes of the Appenines. The surface of the municipal area is 236,77 kmq. The inhabitans are about 90.000. Postcode: 51100. Telephone code: 0039 0573.


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Biblioteca Fabroniana

Biblioteca Forteguerriana

Casa studio di Fernando Melani


Santissima Annunziata

Sant'Antonio abate o del tau

San Bartolomeo

San Benedetto

San Domenico

San Filippo

San Francesco

San Giovanni Fuorcivitas

San Lorenzo

Madonna dell'Umiltà

Santa Maria delle grazie

Santa Maria di Ripalta

San Paolo

San Pier maggiore

Spirito Santo

Fortezza di Santa Barbara

Monastero di San Mercuriale

Nuovo Palazzo dei Vescovi e seminario vescovile

Ospedale del ceppo Palazzo

Palazzo del Governo

Palazzo Bracciolini delle Alpi

Palazzo cancellieri antico e palazzo Ganucci Cancellieri

Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo

Palazzo della Cassa di Risparmio

Palazzo del Comune

Palazzo Fabroni

Palazzo Panciatichi o del Balì

Palazzo del Podestà

Palazzo Rospigliosi alla Ripa del Sale

Palazzo Rossi Cassigoli

Palazzo Buontalenti Sozzifanti

Palazzo dei Vescovi

Teatro Manzoni